Safety tips
Safety tips



Bricking machines for laying bricks stand out for having the following characteristics:
They have a weight comparatively much smaller 1,113 kg (2,450 lb.), which increases the speed of installation into the furnace.
They have a capacity of load of 6,810 kg (15,000 lb.) in the standard platform of 5.2 m (17 ft.), which is non-slip surface to prevent accidents like slipping operators. The dimensions of the platform are the largest that can be found in this model of machines.
The whole structure is calculated with a safety factor of 3: 1, much higher than indicated by the design codes. By a simple adjustment, it does not take more than 5 minutes, the entire machine fits to the kiln diameter.
Machines are manufactured in aluminum alloys T6-6061 type, used in aircraft, with a very light weight and high strength.
It has 3 to 5 cylinders per segment in the double arch.
Screw jacks and hydraulic jacks on the bow can be adjusted to different kiln diameters with ease and safety in operation, saving time and providing certainty for operators.
The central arch has 4 m (13 ft.) parallel movement to the furnace along the tracks next to the working platform with three braking points to avoid accidental movements that may affect the work of laying brick and health of operators.
Quick coupler connections allow you to change or replace the cylinders in less than 10 minutes or isolated during a power outage.
The cylinders on the arc kept pressed the brick against the sheet kiln until the arc has been fully completed, that is, it is fully extended, and then the cylinders can be deployed to advance the arc.
Ergonomic steps designed to access stairs to the working platform to prevent fatigue and accidents.
The basis for the decking is aluminum to fit and slip, so that the platform is secure and easy to install.
Double polyurethane wheels, color coded to place them in their correct position within the kiln, which protect the new brick and are equipped with a built-in quick braking and sure pin to prevent sudden movements that can affect system security operators and brick work placement.
Hydraulic jacks for optional jaws for easy adjustment.
The time required to assemble the equipment is 2 hours with a team of workers who have minimal experience in this work.
Each arc has its own master valves: are 3; these master valves prevent, by an accidental movement down cats causing serious accident by falling bricks; all cylinders in the two arcs can be operated independently or at the same time. When you climb down or while they are ready for independent replacement without readjustment.
Productivity in lining the brick is 1 meter per hour in ideal conditions (examples of productivity available upon request), much higher than other similar versions.
The cut in the center section of the front arc allows quick access to the lock section of bricks access, which is key to the safety of the hands and the proper use of tools, like in any other design.
Hydraulic to hold the bricks and plates installer cat are controlled by manual control, preventing accidental movement that can cause injury to operators. These tools are including with machine.
The design of the trays for tools allows operators to have them always at hand and in a safe place like veneers and other accessories such as screws.