DEMOLITION ROBOT / Applications of the BROKK robot
Metallurgy and Steel
Metallurgy and Steel


One of the main tasks of the Brokk demolition robot in the metal processing industry is to reduce the downtime of the plant, while maintaining the safety of the workers involved. Thanks to the flexible design of the machine, it can be used in multiple applications within a plant.

The precise movements of its arm and its power make these demolition robots the ideal tool for demolition work against the high temperature of the process. The operator is at a safe distance from the exposed areas and can choose a work position that is comfortable by choosing the best possible view of the work. At the same time, the precise movements of the machine make it perfect for, for example, demolish the work lining without damaging the safety coating. Whether you need more power or precision to clean a bucket, EAF, torpedo car, converter mouth, tundish and blast furnace, Brokk can do the job.

  The Brokk machine combines a compact design with power to provide easy access and fast and efficient performance. The equipment, with heat resistance options allow you to start work before. Its small size makes it possible to enter areas where no other machine could enter and execute the work that would otherwise be done manually.  

The solid three-arm system handles a wide range of powerful tools and allows exceptional reach, stability and power in all directions.